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Bakes, cakes and makes:

Apple and cinnamon cake Rich dark and delicious

Apple, cinnamon and sumac loaf (gf) Hint of the exotic

Apricot, mixed seed and oat bars (gf)  Better than shop bought

Banana cake -gluten free Perfect use for brown bananas

Banana and raspberry gluten free muffins Sweet and tangy

Banana and walnut muffins (gf) Light and full of flavour

Banana, peanut butter and oat muffins Gluten and dairy free

Banana, orange and currant gluten free mini bundt cakes  Trio of flavours

Blackcurrant cake (gluten free)/redcurrant A taste of summer

Breakfast muffin (gluten free) Great for a grab and go breakfast

Chestnut and coconut flour pancakes Change of flavours

Chia seed gluten free pancakes Superfood

Chocolate bark  Delicously simple snack

Coconut and chocolate brownies (gluten free) Winning combination

Coconut bark Paradise

Coconut granola So good to eat home made

Date and walnut cake Perfect with a cup of tea

Fruit cake In a loaf tin

Ginger and lemon gluten free muffins Simple muffin or serve as a pudding with ice cream and limoncella

Ginger and pecan biscuits (Gf) Great companion for a mug of coffee or cheese

Ginger cookies   – gluten free  Perfect with a cup of tea

Ginger sponge pudding (GF) filled with Greek yoghurt mixed with chopped stem ginger Microwave magic

Gooseberry and orange drizzle cake (Gf) Great combination

Granola Nut and seed

Lemon drizzle cake Crunchy topping

Lemon and poppy seed gf cake  Another crunchy topping

Oat, chia and flaxseed breakfast muffin – gluten and dairy free Nutrient dense

Orange, cranberry and nutmeg gf bundt cake topped with an orange drizzle  Seasonal flavours – a hint of Christmas

Roasted peanuts Simple and quick

Rocky road Naughty but nice

Rhubarb gluten free sponge Perfect as a pudding

Rhubarb and ginger gluten free cakePerfect flavour combination

Simnel Cake (gf) Hidden treat of marzipan

Spinach and grain loaf Green goodness

Stem ginger biscuits Light, crumbly texture

Stem ginger gluten free sponge pudding – microwaved 12 minutes from cupboard ingredients to eating


Hot chocolate: cacao, maca and coconut milk   Decadence in a mug

Kale, papaya and kefir smoothie Glassful of goodness

Kefir, Kefir, I love Kefir! Super drink

Kiwi and papaya milk kefir smoothie Vitamin C boost

Kombucha Fermented magic

Maca and kefir smoothie Superfood

Peanut butter, avocado and kefir smoothie  Nuttiness in a glass

Turmeric milk Golden milk


Asparagus, Asparagus, Asparagus Several serving suggestions

4 bean and sweetcorn chilli Using store cupboard ingredients

Beef burgers With Jalapeno peppers

Broccoli cheese bake  With a bit of a bite!

Cauliflower, cashew nut and mushroom curry (vegan) All the ingredients in the pan from the start

Cauliflower, quinoa and chick pea bake Maximum taste – minimum effort

Cheese stuffed baked smoked cod So quick and easy

Cheesy leeks / kale Speedy dish. 2 methods

Chicken casserole One pot supper

Chick pea and lentil stew Nutritious and delicious

Chilli roasted vegetables  Such a simple dish

Chilli with a hint of chocolate  The Aztecs knew a thing or two!

Corn on the cob curry  Mild and creamy

Courgetti, spring onion and cheese frittata Delicious hot or cold

Creamy cashew nut sauce  Vegan. Quick and easy – 4 ingredients

Eggs – quick and hassle free dishes All in one savoury bakes and muffins

Fish pie Fish, leeks and eggs

Green pesto You won’t eat bought again once you have made your own

Green Veg Risotto Delicious with a serving of garlic bread

Grilled halloumi, rocket and tomatoes in gluten free pitta Speedy snack

Hake, mangetout and cauliflower cheese bake A twist on the classic dish

Lemon and rosemary infused quinoa stuffed peppers Orange/yellow assortment

Moussaka (vegan + gf) A one dish meal

Mushroom ‘stroganoff’ Rich and creamy

Not quite Dauphinoise potatoes Speedy to prepare

Pea and feta fritter With a hint of chilli and served with a cooling cucumber dip

Pork and apricot casserole 1 of your 5 a day?

Quinoa tabbouleh topped with free range eggs One pan dish

Red pesto So quick and easy to make

Roasted butternut squash with free range egg, green olives and gluten free pitta stuffed with avocado, radishes, cucumber and tomato Simple supper

Roasted vegetable and cauliflower cheese tart Pretty and tasty

Salmon, leek and spinach lasagne. A delicious alternative to meat filled lasagne

Sausage casserole Hearty sausage and cider casserole

Smoked mackerel and rice noodles Chunky stir fry

Smoked mackerel salad  Flaked smoked mackerel and avocado

Smoked mackerel, Greek yoghurt,  cucumber,  spring onions and dill Simple, speedy and tasty

Spiced lentil / quinoa balls in a roasted butternut squash sauce Vegetarian ‘ meatballs’

Steamed broccoli, cavolo nero kale and cod bake Fish pie without potato

Vegetarian / vegan pie – ‘cottage’ pie made with mushrooms Perfect for ‘meat-free’ Monday

Vegan pie (2)- quick and easy Using store cupboard ingredients

Vegetable bake 5 a day in one dish

Vegetarian chilli With a hint of chocolate

Vegetable curry Delicious with rice or quinoa

Venison Casserole One pot supper

Wild keta salmon on courgetti, chickpeas and pine nuts Light supper


Baked apple stuffed with raisins and honey Autumnal dish

Blackcurrant cake (gluten free)/redcurrant A taste of summer

Blackcurrant ‘nice cream’ (gluten and dairy free) Just 2 ingredients

Buckwheat pancakes filled with roasted rhubarb Tart and tasty

Chestnut and coconut flour pancakes Change of flavours

Chia seed gluten free pancakes Superfood

Chocolate fudge pudding With its own sauce

Ginger sponge pudding (GF) filled with Greek yoghurt mixed with chopped stem ginger Microwave magic

Stem ginger gluten free sponge pudding – microwaved 12 minutes from cupboard ingredients to eating

Glutenfree pancakes  Served with fresh fruit and yoghurt

Rhubarb gluten free sponge Delicious with custard


Abundance bowls Speedy salads

Avocado salsa Perfect on its own or as a side dish

Baked avocado and feta cheese salad Hot avocado

Baked Loch Trout with mixed salad, beetroot and a pickled cucumber Tasty combination

Cranberry salsa Perfect with meat, fish and salads

Guacamole Both hot and cool

Mackerel and stilton salad Hearty and filling

Mint and Feta whip Rich and creamy

Quail eggs and halloumi salad Quick and easy

Raw cranberry sauce Christmas fayre

Roasted sprouts and butternut squash salad I love sprouts

Roasted vegetables and avocado salad Plate full of flavours

Salad – avocado, free range poached eggs and smoked salmon 3 flavours that blend so well

Salads…definitely not boring So many possibilities

Salad – feta cheese, sprouted pulses, tomatoes and rocket Delicious combination of flavours and textures

Salad in a jar Both carriage and bowl

Salad – quail eggs, fresh figs, mozzarella and tomatoes Decadence on a plate

Smoked mackerel salad Flaked mackerel and avocado

Smoked mackerel, Greek yoghurt,  cucumber,  spring onions and dill Simple, speedy and tasty

Tomatoes, roasted butternut squash, green olives and sweet piquante peppers on a bed of watercress and rocket Salad bowl


Cauliflower and walnut soup Subtle and earthy

Chicken stock Get all the goodness

Leek and potato soup  Simple and filling

Roasted vegetables, watercress and chicken soup Nothing wasted

Vegetable soup Quick and easy

Jams, preserves and liqueurs:

Apple, honey and rosemary jam  Delicious sweet or with savoury

Sauerkraut Beetroot and cabbage delight

Blackcurrant cassis  Delicious tipple