Abundance bowls Speedy salads

Avocado salsa Perfect on its own or as a side dish

Baked avocado and feta cheese salad Hot avocado

Baked Loch Trout with mixed salad, beetroot and a pickled cucumber Tasty combination

Cranberry salsa Perfect with meat, fish and salads

Guacamole Both hot and cool

Mackerel and stilton salad Hearty and filling

Mint and Feta whip Rich and creamy

Quail eggs and halloumi salad Quick and easy

Raw cranberry sauce Christmas fayre

Roasted vegetables and avocado salad Plate full of flavours

Roasted sprouts and butternut squash salad I love sprouts

Salads…definitely not boring So many possibilities

Salad – feta cheese, sprouted pulses, tomatoes and rocket Delicious combination of flavours and textures

Salad in a jar Both carriage and bowl

Salad – quail eggs, fresh figs, mozzarella and tomatoes Decadence on a plate

Salad served with avocado, free range poached eggs and smoked salmon 3 flavours that blend so well

Smoked mackerel salad Flaked smoked mackerel and avocado

Smoked mackerel, Greek yoghurt,  cucumber,  spring onions and dill Simple, speedy and tasty

Tomatoes, roasted butternut squash, green olives and sweet piquante peppers on a bed of watercress and rocket Salad bowl