Baked apple stuffed with raisins and honey Autumnal dish

Blackcurrant cake (gluten free)/redcurrant A taste of summer

Blackcurrant ‘nice cream’ (gluten and dairy free) Just 2 ingredients

Buckwheat pancakes filled with roasted rhubarb Tart and tasty

Chestnut and coconut flour pancakes Change of flavours

Chia seed gluten free pancakes Superfood

Chocolate fudge pudding With its own sauce

Ginger sponge pudding (GF) filled with Greek yoghurt mixed with chopped stem ginger Microwave magic

Stem ginger gluten free sponge pudding – microwaved 12 minutes from cupboard ingredients to eating

Glutenfree pancakes  Served with fresh fruit and yoghurt

Rhubarb gluten free sponge Delicious with  custard