Asparagus, Asparagus, Asparagus Several serving suggestions

Asparagus wrapped in bacon with eggs Perfect brunch

Bean and sweetcorn chilli Using store cupboard ingredients

Beef burgers With Jalapeno peppers

Broccoli cheese bake With a bit of a bite!

Cauliflower, cashew nut and mushroom curry (vegan) All the ingredients in the pan from the start

Cauliflower, quinoa and chick pea bake Maximum taste – minimum effort

Cheese stuffed baked smoked cod So quick and easy

Cheesy leeks / kale Speedy dish. 2 methods

Chicken casserole  One pot supper

Chick pea and lentil stew Nutritious and delicious

Chilli roasted vegetables  Such a simple dish

Chilli with a hint of chocolate  The Aztecs knew a thing or two!

Corn on the cob curry  Mild and creamy

Courgetti, spring onion and cheese frittata Delicious hot or cold

Creamy cashew nut sauce  Vegan. Quick and easy – 4 ingredients

Eggs – quick and hassle free dishes All in one savoury bakes and muffins

Fish pie Fish, leeks and eggs

Green pesto You won’t eat bought again once you have made your own

Green Veg Risotto Delicious with a serving of garlic bread

Grilled halloumi, rocket and tomatoes in gluten free pitta  Speedy lunch

Hake, mangetout and cauliflower cheese bake A twist on the classic

Lemon and rosemary infused quinoa stuffed peppers Orange/yellow assortment

Moussaka (vegan + gf) A one dish meal

Mushroom ‘stroganoff’ Rich and creamy

Not quite Dauphinoise potatoes Speedy to prepare

Pea and feta fritter With a hint of chilli served with a cooling cucumber dip

Pork and apricot casserole 1 of your 5 a day?

Quinoa tabbouleh topped with free range eggs One pan dish

Red pesto So quick and easy to make

Roasted butternut squash with free range egg, green olives and gluten free pitta stuffed with avocado, radishes, cucumber and tomato Simple supper

Roasted vegetable and cauliflower cheese tart Pretty and tasty

Salmon, leek and spinach lasagne. A delicious alternative to meat filled lasagne

Sausage casserole Hearty sausage and cider casserole

Smoked mackerel and rice noodles Chunky stir fry

Smoked mackerel, Greek yoghurt,  cucumber,  spring onions and dill Simple, speedy and tasty

Spiced lentil / quinoa balls in a roasted butternut squash sauce Vegetarian ‘meatballs’

Steamed broccoli, cavolo nero kale and cod bake Fish pie without potato

Vegetarian / vegan pie – ‘cottage’ pie made with mushrooms Perfect for ‘meat-free’ Monday

Vegan pie (2)- quick and easy Using store cupboard ingredients

Vegetarian chilli With a hint of chilli

Vegetable curry Delicious with rice or quinoa

Vegetable bake 5 a day

Venison Casserole One pot supper

Wild keta salmon on courgetti, chickpeas and pine nuts Light supper