Bakes, cakes & makes


Apple and cinnamon cake Rich, dark and delicious

Apple, cinnamon and sumac loaf (gf) Hint of the exotic

Apricot, mixed seed and oat bars (gf)  Better than shop bought

Banana cake -gluten free Perfect use for brown bananas

Banana and raspberry gluten free muffins Sweet and tangy

Banana and walnut muffins (gf) Light and full of flavour

Banana, peanut butter and oat muffins Gluten and dairy free

Banana, orange and currant gluten free mini bundt cakes  Trio of flavours

Blackcurrant cake (gluten free)/redcurrant A taste of summer

Breakfast muffin (gluten free) Great for a grab and go breakfast

Chestnut and coconut flour pancakes Change of flavours

Chia seed gluten free pancakes Superfood

Chocolate bark Delicously simple snack

Coconut and chocolate brownies (gluten free) Winning combination

Coconut granola So good to eat home made

Coconut bark Paradise

Date and walnut cake Perfect with a cup of tea

Fruit cake In a loaf tin

Ginger and lemon gluten free muffins Simple muffin or serve as a pudding with ice cream and limoncella

Ginger and pecan biscuits (Gf) Great companion for a mug of coffee or cheese

Ginger cookies   – gluten free  Perfect with a cup of tea

Ginger sponge pudding (GF) filled with Greek yoghurt mixed with chopped stem ginger Microwave magic

Gooseberry and orange drizzle cake (Gf) Great combination

Granola Nut and seed

Lemon drizzle cake Crunchy topping

Lemon and poppy seed gf cake  Another crunchy topping

Oat, chia and flaxseed breakfast muffin – gluten and dairy free Nutrient dense

Orange, cranberry and nutmeg gf bundt cake topped with an orange drizzle  Seasonal flavours – a hint of Christmas

Roasted peanuts Simple and quick

Rocky road Naughty but nice

Rhubarb gluten free sponge Perfect as a pudding

Rhubarb and ginger gluten free cake Perfect flavour combination

Simnel Cake (gf) Hidden treat of marzipan

Spinach and grain loaf Green goodness

Stem ginger biscuits Light, crumbly texture

Stem ginger gluten free sponge pudding – microwaved 12 minutes from cupboard ingredients to eating