Sausage casserole



1 large onion chopped, 1 leek sliced, 2/3 carrots sliced, 2/3 parsnips
sliced, 6 glutenfree sausages, sage leaves, 250ml cider, about 450ml 
vegetable stock, 1 or 2 tsps mustard, pepper to season and coconut oil 
for frying.

Put sausages into oven to brown. On the hob, heat coconut oil in a 
casserole dish and fry onions until soft. Add the other ingredients.
Remove browned sausages from the oven, slice and add to the casserole.
Ensure sufficient stock added to cover all the ingredients.
Cover and cook in oven on a low heat (Aga - bottom oven) for about 2 hours.
Half an hour before eating increase temperature of oven to about 180c (Aga 
- middle of hot oven) and remove lid.

Serve with sweet potato mash / celeriac mash - needed to soak up the
delicious gravy.


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