Comfort foods

Just a quick thought…

Now the weather has turned colder comfort food comes in to its own in my eyes.  The temperature cries out for one pot suppers, soups, vegetable bakes, sponge puddings etc.

There are certain foods that I seem to ‘go to’ more than others and I feel are the ultimate comfort foods. I could probably eat them every day!

Breakfast – can’t beat porridge.

Lunch – scrambled egg on gf toast

Dinner – cheesie baked potatoes or cauliflower and broccoli bake

What are your winter favourites?



10 thoughts on “Comfort foods

  1. Breakfast-
    Poached eggs on an English muffin, with HP sauce AND Ketchup.


    Salad cream sandwiches (Yes, really, just white bread and salad cream!)


    Homemade corned beef hash… (Mom’s)!

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