But I always have a pudding!

This used to always be heard in my house. It was a habit /  a daily ritual.

How  / when did this habit start? When I think back, I realise this habitual behaviour pattern started in my childhood all those eons ago.  This started me thinking about other habits I formed around eating – eating the same everyday for breakfast; eating at the same time everyday; Sunday roast dinner; having a take away meal as a treat on a Friday night; Saturday night treat – meal on a tray in front of the television; the necessity of ‘waste not, want not’ and clearing your plate; the importance of sitting around a table for all the other meals and finally the importance of conversation and discussion at mealtimes.

Thankfully, I have broken all but the last 2 habits (which I feel are ones I value and are good habits). I had to consciously acknowledge these ingrained traits and work hard at overcoming them.

The final habit I have got to grips with is that of hunger v habit. The availability of food and the habitual way of eating had overridden my ability to distinguish between eating for the sake of it and true hunger. Not only had I lost the ability to tell if I was hungry but also if I was full / satiated.

Now, I ask myself, ‘Am I really hungry; or actually thirsty; or just craving something?’ and I no longer clear my plate if I am full having decided it is better for any excess food to go in the bin than be stored as fat on my body! (Reduced portion size means I don’t often waste food – this has helped me control the ‘waste not, want not’ voice in my head!)

I do, of course, still have a pudding sometimes but not as a treat for clearing my plate, or not because I always have one but just because very occasionally…I want one 🙂



5 thoughts on “But I always have a pudding!

  1. I feel
    Like that about chocolate! Puddings are still attractive .. Yet seldom eaten at home.. Only because they are full of sugar ( commercial ones) and pumped with gums.. Thickeners and other ingredients to make them fluffy or increase the shelf life! So we really want to eat a dairy dessert with a p+3 days?? P= day of production.. ( Must admit the sight of seeing 80,000 custard tarts on a production line was mouthwatering!!! )😀🍭


  2. My habit is Diet Coke, after I had eaten a meal I always want one. To the point in which I would say I crave it. I can not have one during the meal but as soon as I am finished I will want one. I have tried having water throughout my meal to see if this helps, no joy!

    Any suggestions?

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    • Most artificial sweeteners stimulate a body response similar to sugar and can actually increase food craving as well. Stevia doesn’t. I would suggest weaning yourself off by reducing how much you drink after each meal …half a can…1/4 of a can and then go for none and have a pudding such as yoghurt with berries. All little bit of sugar but limited fructose.


  3. hi jo since we are discussing cravings I would like to admit that my biggest food problem is snacking after tea time it used to be very bad but it’s not as bad now although it still isn’t very good do you have any suggestions

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    • Hi Brock, thank you for your comment. If you are wanting to snack after a meal then I would suggest eating a slightly larger portion of the meal, or eating more fibre and slightly more protein – keeps you feeling full for longer and finally…when a snack attack strikes have a drink and wait 10 minutes. Chances are you actually thirsty. 😊


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