Nature’s bounty

Someone said to me over the weekend, ‘You never get anything for nothing.’

To which I responded, ‘Blackberries!’in probably a very annoying manner!

But it’s true…if you know where to look at this time of year nature provides an amazing array of gorgeous fruits to harvest. Riding through the forest this weekend I passed elder trees with boughs hanging from the weight of berries – jam, chutney and wine. The hedgerows were bursting with blackberries – perfect on their own or sublime when combined with apples. Old twisted and gnarled damson trees seem to survive on some otherwise inhospitable land – perfect for crumbles, chutneys, damson cheese / jelly / jam and of course drowned in gin and sugar and left for the next 3 months to create a warming and festive liqueur.

An afternoon stroll along a country path can reveal: sloe, bilberries, plums,Β  and hops.

I love this time of year – so much, for nothing. πŸ™‚ Β  All the fruit gathered and sitting in various receptacles in cold rooms in the house is then followed by hours of baking, cooking, freezing and of course the delight of eating these autumnal flavours throughout the following year.


Damsons and cooking apples from the garden



4 thoughts on “Nature’s bounty

  1. Sounds Devine! The riding and the fruit.. We sometimes pick blackberries when walking pup.. And I call it free fun!! Doesn’t cost anything other than time.. 🐢 Ps hope you are on the up up up!!! X

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    • I always seem to find the best blackberries when I least expect to and consequently don’t have a receptacle. Have been known to gather them in jumpers! Am doing OK…chemo week is a tough / horrid week but then things improve πŸ˜€1 down 5 to go!!🀐x


  2. Keep strong!! Your a star!! Maybe to make you chuckle.. The last time I picked blackberries ( a couple of weeks ago) on a walk.. The only thing I had was a dog poop bag!!! Un used I dare say!! πŸ’©πŸΎπŸ˜€ x

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