A new way of thinking

Having spent the last few weeks immersed in studying nutrition I have done a great deal of thinking about food… even more so than normal! This combined with my slowly changing relationship with food has made me come to some conclusions…I am no longer dieting – hoorah but instead I am eating mindfully. It is different!

I am no longer driven by the all consuming need / desire to lose weight or a quick fix but instead I eat to enhance my health and improve my lifestyle.

I have stopped counting calories and now eat quality calories.

I’m giving myself permission to eat the good foods until I am satisfied not depriving myself or denying myself.

I eat when I am hungry and listen to my internal cues rather than being driven by external cues.

and…finally, food is no longer my enemy / nemesis or a trap but to my absolute astonishment it is my ally and liberator.  Two words I never ever thought would be written by me about food!





7 thoughts on “A new way of thinking

  1. Great post and I can definitely relate! Following a diet is never sustainable, it is great that you have changed your mindset and your view of food. This is how you start to live a normal and healthy lifestyle again 🙂


  2. Diet is a four letter word! “I eat when I am hungry and listen to my internal cues” — there ya go! Took me years to figure that one out…. So much healthier! 🙂


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