So what’s happening to me…

Several weeks ago (17th April to be precise)  I gave up meat for 4 weeks to see what would happen – would I feel any better, no different or not as good.

Much to my fascination, I have not eaten it since and more amazingly for this carnivore, I have not missed it. In fact, the other day I cooked some bacon for my husband – I thought this would be the ultimate test as I have never been able to resist the aromas of bacon assaulting my olfactory senses. Not only did I resist, but I found the smell decidedly unpleasant. What is happening!

I know when I first gave up fructose I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to recalibrate. Is this the same with any dietary change?  How long does it take to make a lifestyle change become habit?

I make sure I eat a balanced and nutrient diet  – getting the macro and micro nutrients  I would have ingested from meat sources from other sources.

Before writing this tonight I googled, ‘giving up meat for a month’  – it seems I am not alone !! Not such a threshold adventurer after all…but not quite a lemming either. Just another person who wants to try different ways to improve their health. 🙂



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