Food is not the enemy…?

This ditty has been rattling around my head for the last few days. This and, ‘love your body – don’t hate it.’  Two things very easy to say but, for me, not at all easy to accept.

Although I am no longer a slave to scales, food still exerts a fair amount of control over me. I plan our weekly meals ahead of shopping and know exactly what I am going to eat the following day. This structure keeps me sane and on track…until an additional factor in my life rears its head. Then, all my plans, good intentions, dietary knowledge and sense seem to go out of the window. The sense of ‘me’ and the importance of looking after me disappears. The first thing that happens is food becomes my enemy and very quickly I start on a negative spiral. Sugary foods become really palatable, comforting and of course addictive. I forget to drink enough fluids and eat when I know I am actually thirsty etc.

My life has been hectic and somewhat stressful over the last couple of months (hence no blogging). I have never loved my body but have over the years come to accept it and wanted to look after it. But, as soon as there is imbalance and disharmony in my life the very first thing to suffer is me.  I know, from talking with others, that this is not just something that happens to me.

Why? Is it because being kind to ourselves is not a natural human trait?  We spend our lives looking and caring for others so why can we not treat ourselves in the same way regardless of external factors?

Would love to hear your thoughts…



4 thoughts on “Food is not the enemy…?

  1. I think the tough thing with taking care of ourselves, especially in times of stress and disharmony, is that if we are not in the regular practice of doing it, are tools aren’t ready when we really need them most. I am not sure why taking care of ourselves doesn’t come naturally. I think it’s learned, especially because we spend most of our lives picking ourselves apart and thinking we aren’t enough. Those types of thoughts don’t really inspire the love and the loyalty our bodies we really need from us.
    So, with that, I guess my only idea is: practice, practice, practice self care. The more you do it, perhaps the more available it will be to you when you need it! Take care. x

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  2. It is very hard to go against our core beliefs, especially when half of our lives we think it is the right thing to do. Caring and looking after our loved ones, family and friends. It comes naturally to put our own needs the last, sometimes never even asking the question what they are. And then, later in life, we learn one way or the other that it is actually self-destructive. It takes time to digest it, but it is a constant struggle to relearn different strategies and put our own well-being first. It is still easier for me to do things for others, to spend money on gifts, to cook for others first, and then, if I have energy, for myself. I am always aware that I have to restrain myself, take a deep breath and do nothing, when everything inside me screams to do it. At least I know now I have to deal with it and make right choices for me. For me it is not about food, it is about what I spend my energy for. The lack of is my currency, so I have to be selective at what I do. It got easier when I realised that it was a problem. Wishing you all the best.

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