Taking back control

For many months I have felt the shifting sand beneath me and not felt in control of what has happened to me.

I now feel able to start to regain some of that control. For me that means I like to gather information, make decisions and then start to act.

It is true that I have felt somewhat sorry for myself recently and although I knew this was not a helpful place to be, I seemed unable to avoid it.  Thankfully I have a great network of people around me who have offered their thoughts and support. I have researched on my own and been given pointers to material that may help.

To help ‘get my head around’ the last 10 months and the months ahead of me, I was directed to an article ‘After the treatment finishes then what?’ (Dr Peter Harvey) which I have found extremely useful (thanks Amanda).

I have read the book, ‘Your life in your hands’ by Professor Jane Plant (thanks Fran) which has really motivated me and encouraged me to ask questions.

My actions:

Lose the few pounds gained during chemotherapy – the knowledge of the link between fat stores and oestrogen production motivating me from a medical / health perspective. My cancer was both oestrogen and progesterone positive and although I am on a drug designed to inhibit the action of the enzyme aromatase, which converts androgens into oestrogens, reducing my fat stores will further help my long term prognosis. Since the growth of ER+ (i.e., oestrogen sensitive) breast cancer is promoted by oestrogen, decreasing the production of oestrogen in the body is designed to suppress recurrence.

Eat the foods (or major bioactive components) that have been found to inhibit aromatase or to enhance the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitors and are recommended during treatment and limit or avoid the intake of the foods found to increase aromatase or reduce the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitors. I have found the following site really helpful:  http://foodforbreastcancer.com/

Increase my exercise – limited at the moment due to effects of radiotherapy and side effects of drugs … but still possible. I have started attending Tai Chi and Tai Chi Qi Gong classes which I not only really enjoy but am finding really helping my joint mobility.

Slowly the old (no… not the old), the new and different me is appearing.






4 thoughts on “Taking back control

  1. Well…. talk about having a plan! Sounds really great what you have researched and decided to do. Very pleased for you. And the offer of coming dancing with me still holds – it is very low impact, and you can just walk the steps through. I find it very good for my joints, which can be problematic. I am one of the youngest by about 25 years if that helps you know what you would be walking into! But all in good time! Xx

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