1 in 8

Well it seems that never smoking, drinking very little ( I mean very little) alcohol, never abusing my body with drugs, eating a very healthy and well balanced diet and leading an active life and being a sensible weight just isn’t enough. I found out this week that I have an unwanted companion – of the malignant variety. At this point I then felt I should smoke 20 cigarettes – normal or ‘herbal’, drink a bottle of whisky (don’t even like whisky – sorry all those people I have just offended) and eat a whole rack of doughnuts. Obviously, I didn’t!

After feeling sorry for myself and wallowing momentarily in self -pity I then started to think logically.

Because I have never smoked or done drugs, drink all most no alcohol, eat a very healthy and well balanced diet, lead an active life and am a sensible weight, I am in theย  best position to beat the b…er!

My battle commences…


17 thoughts on “1 in 8

  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles- but I think that you have the right mentality going into this fight. Because you treated your body well, and took care of your temple, you can and you will win this battle! Best wishes- Cara


  2. Still very saddened by the news.. I have read that keeping positive can help.. Fight with love.. Strength.. Visualize that little so and so departing this world for good.. Down the drain!! And above all live life.. Love life and go hug a furry animal!! (Or two..) sending furry lab hugs.. All the way.. ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’•


  3. I beat it twice, more than 40 years ago, then about 25 years ago, and I am still here, sailing, swimming, bicycling, dancing, and enjoying life! With the right attitude, you are going to win!
    Best of luck in your fight and best wishes for good health!


  4. So sorry, dear Jo. I find that since I had cancer, I must watch out for ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop.’ Someone early on told me that while her friend was waiting to die of cancer, 20 yrs later, she’s still around but many of her relatives & friends are gone. I do my best to remember that all I have is right now.

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