I believe we are what we eat. With this in mind I cook all my food from scratch where possible, and use the best ingredients to ensure the outcome is a balanced and nutritious meal. I also believe in simple is good and very rarely produce food that has taken hours to prepare.

All the food I eat is gluten-free and fructose free / minimum fructose.  I do however create snacks and occasional treats / cakes/ indulgences for my family.

In this blog, I share what we eat. Come on in and look around.

(Gluten free flour in any of my recipes can be replaced with non gluten-free flour)

You can also see many examples of the food and dishes eaten in my house on instagram @jfb50

All of my food is cooked in /on my Aga. With this in mind some adjustment to length of time for cooking may need to take place for conventional ovens.

Ramblings on my philosophies 

Why gluten-free and fructose free? My philosophy

You don’t eat sugar!? Really!?

Meat…or not? What to eat?

One week… What is a ‘normal’ diet

I am in control of my food…it no longer controls me Liberation

Well, four weeks have passed by… A healthier me

But I always have a pudding! Habit v hunger

So what’s happening to me… Threshold adventurer or lemming?

Carbohydrate -friend or foe? No longer counting calories

Power of the mind Sugar calling

A new way of thinking A new me

Marathon or sprint? Slow and steady wins the race

Health Esteem Queen for the month of May  Thank you Sara of mshealthesteem.com

Intermittent Fasting A new approach for me

Ramblings on cancer and me

1 in 8 Positive thinking

Changing tastes Fascinating

Irony One of life’s challenges

Most peculiar Palatable?

Recovery Moving forward

All a bit bonkers… Realisation dawns

Mrs Impatient Slowly does it…

Taking back control An important step

Confused… Mixed messages

Ramblings on fermentations

Kefir, Kefir, I love Kefir!  Super drink

Water kefir  Dairy free alternative to milk kefir

Kefir – an acquired taste…but well worth acquiring

Kombucha fermented magic

Sauerkraut cabbage delight

Ramblings…just ramblings

Sprouting What goes around comes around

Superfood So confused!

Happiness is homegrown Garden delights

Cooking is therapy The best kind

Is 3 the magic number? Not necessarily a crowd

The Black Cat, Blue Sea Blogger Award Lovely surprise

One Lovely Blog Award Another wonderful surprise 🙂

Nature’s bounty Something for nothing!

What to do with so much produce? A freezing method

What to do with so much produce…apple, honey and rosemary jam  Delicious as sweet or with savoury

What to do with so much produce…fruit liqueurs A fruity tipple

Seasons Which is your favourite? And why?

Food traditions What are yours?

Comfort foods Your favourite winter food?

Missed opportunity! Forgotten chocolate!

Salads…definitely not boring So many possibilities

Food is not the enemy…? But it can seem to be!

I am a biscuit You are what you eat!!

Back on track New Year’s Resolution

A long week Really? Only 7 days!!

31 days – Habits created New beginnings










40 thoughts on “About

  1. Jo, I have read this blog from start to finish and I love it! You’re an inspiration! Your food/recipes look very healthy and very tasty. I will be following you with a view to changing my eating habits, and hope to start enjoying better health. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jo,
    So glad I found your blog again- im looking to lose weight but not on a diet and part of that means eating ‘clean’. It’s just dawned on me that without eating natural food in the right proportions my body’s never going to be able to deal with the food correctly – so I’m now switched on to putting ‘good , nutritious ‘ food into my body, so I’m looking forward to trying out some of your excellent recipes😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Amanda, hope you enjoy my recipes. Your philosophy is great…you will find it liberating. I am studying nutrition at the moment and will soon be qualified as a nutrition advisor to coach , support and promote a healthy lifestyle so am always happy to chat / help/ motivate and support you.x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooooo I am hooked! Just had literally one minute between parking up and collecting parcel at Lymington M&S . Didn’t buy any food!!! Will wait and read recipes😇

    Liked by 2 people

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